The mountains are calling and I must go- John Muir

I think at certain times people often realize that life is too short to continue down the path they are on and a change needs to be made. For us, that change came in the form of starting our own business so we can be more present for our kids and get back to what we love- being outdoors. This dream has been several years in the making.

Several years ago, after much searching, we found a commercial property in Mammoth that would make a perfect conversion to short term rentals. Towards the end of 2019 we started preparations for the conversion/remodel of the back building that finished January 2021 and the front building May 2024. So now here we are working hard on running a business while trying to raise kids to be awesome adults.

This was a huge undertaking for us both physically, mentally, and financially, but we truly believed that it was possible and what we have built is an asset to the town, to our fellow Mammoth business owners, and will better our children's lives.

We hope that you enjoy staying with us and get to experience all the amazing things Mammoth has to offer. 

Corbin, Julie, Ryder, Sophie